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ABC's New "One College Sweatshirt" Campaign

ABC is partnering with CASA of San Mateo to provide one free college sweatshirt to all foster youth and youth in the juvenile justice system ages 13 and up in San Mateo County. This is a new program that we are currently working on funding. Youth will work with their CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) to fill out a form asking about which college they want to go to and why, and will then be provided a college sweatshirt in their requested size for that school. The idea behind this program is that we want our youth, particularly those that often go under the radar and don't have as much support at home, to start thinking about college and where they could see themselves going in the future. Having a college sweatshirt not only helps our youth get excited about the idea of higher education, but also sends a message that we believe in them and their ability to achieve their dreams of going to the college of their choice. This is a pilot program that we hope to eventually expand into neighboring counties. We need monetary donations as well as help reaching out to colleges (starting with those in CA) to see if they will provide free or discounted sweatshirts for our youth, so please get in touch if you are willing to contact your alma mater on our behalf and gain their support for this awesome new program.

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